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Subject: Permanent Makeup

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Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure where pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. This technique is also known as Intradermal Pigmentation or Micropigmentation. Permanent makeup is used for various cosmetic enhancements.

We offer permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, designer eyeliner, lip liner, full lip colour and corrections (eyebrows, eyeliner and lips).

Full colour development takes 6 weeks.

All procedures include 1 touch-up after 6 weeks which is included in the price.

How painful is permanent makeup procedures?

We use products that are specifically created for permanent cosmetic procedures and are highly effective. Most of our clients don’t experience any pain but some individuals that do have only minor pain or discomfort.

First we apply a thin layer of topical anaesthetic cream, F&E, before a procedure to numb the skin. Secondly we use a topical gel anaesthetic, Feel Better Now, that’s implanted 0.2-0.5mm into the skin and used throughout the procedure.

We strive to make clients at ease and comfortable during a procedure.

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